Control Omnisphere From Your iPhone

Spectrasonics release free iPhone App for remote control of Omnisphere's Live Mode      01/03/10

Control Omnisphere From Your iPhone

Spectrasonics have announced the release of a free iPhone app, Omni Live that turns an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless remote control of the "Live Mode" of Spectrasonics' software synthesizer Omnisphere. Omni Live uses the iPhone's touch screen allowing multi-touch, wireless remote sound selection of the Omnisphere plug-in on the user's computer. Users can download the free "Omni Live" App from Apple's App store directly from their iPhone or iPod Touch.
Eric Persing, Founder of Spectrasonics, told us, "We're excited to be able to enhance Omnisphere for our users in such a unique way. Omnisphere has had the ability to allow for multiple sound selection since its inception, yet a standard mouse provides only a single click and MIDI assignments don't provide immediate feedback or sound names. With the new 'Omni Live' app, the iPhone makes an ideal multi-touch sound selector for Omnisphere - that gives you realtime feedback of the sound names as you are performing."
Here's the full details from the Spectrasonics press release...
"Omni Live" iPhone App for Remote Control of Omnisphere:
  • Remotely control Omnisphere's 'Live Mode' page using an iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Change patches using the multi-touch screen to select one or more patches simultaneously
  • Use Omni Live across the room at a MIDI'ed piano or other controller, away from the computer
  • Great for live performance
  • Simple setup with the Mac's wireless network
  • Portrait or Landscape mode
Omni Live is designed to turn an iPhone (or iPod Touch) into a simple, wireless remote control of Omnisphere's "Live Mode" page via the touch-screen interface on the small, portable devices. Since Omnisphere's Live Mode already allows multiple sound selection, the iPhone's multi-touch display makes a useful control surface - especially on the stage. Having remote control of the Live Mode page allows a player to sit remotely from their computer, at their MIDI'ed piano, or across the room at a MIDI controller and instantly choose a patch or combination of patches in the Live Mode page simply by touching the patch names on the iPhone display. The patch names are sent from Omnisphere wirelessly to the iPhone.
Setup is very simple, when Omnisphere is running on the computer and the iPhone is connected to the same wireless network, launching the "Omni Live" App on the iPhone will find the host computer and allow wireless control of sound selection in Omnisphere's Live Mode page. Conversely, when sounds are selected in Omnisphere, the iPhone screen automatically gets updated wirelessly to show the new possible patch selections.
The new "Omni Live" iPhone remote control app currently works with Omnisphere 1.2 or newer on Mac OSX systems, V1.2 requires Apple OSX 10.5 or later. The Omnisphere version 1.2 update is a free download for all registered users.
Pricing and Availability:
"Omni Live" is available now as a free download from the Apple App store
Omnisphere has a retail price of $499 US / 379 Euro.
More information:

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