Katapult For Novation Launchpad

Create Custom Control Multipage Layouts      03/03/10

Katapult For Novation Launchpad

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Katapult is a flexible mapping application for the Novation Launchpad.

It allows you to map customisable multipage-layouts to the Launchpad and send the MIDI output to any application or device. It also supports bi-directional communication, meaning that your software can update the controls on the Launchpad surface.

Here's a video overview of Katapult's features:


  • Map up to 16 pages of different layouts to the Launchpad.
  • Katapult supports bi-directional communication. Twist a knob in your software, and the corresponding control on the Launchpad is updated like 21st century motorised faders.
  • Want one controller to update another? Katapult lets you chain controllers together. Endless cross-updating fun!
  • Customise the colors of any control.
  • Katapult works on both Mac OS X and Windows.

Pricing and Availability

Katapult is available now for US $23.95.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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