JazzMutant's Mu For Live - The Next Big Thing, Or Too Little, Too Late?

New Controller Brings Multi-Touch Control To Ableton Live      08/03/10

Michael Chenetz put together this nicely done overview of Mu - JazzMutant's upcoming Ableton Live controller for the Lemur.

Mu brings power multi-touch control to Live, as Chenetz demonstrates in the video.

The Next Big Thing, Or Too Little, Too Late?

Chenetz is testing the beta version of Mu, and says that "Mu's integration with M4L is unprecedented and gives you a whole lot of flexibility in terms of control."

For many, though, the potential of Apple's iPad has them wondering whether similar solutions may soon be available as iPad apps. There are already OSC (Open Sound Control) apps on the iPhone.

Here, for example, is a demo of TouchOSC being used with Ableton Live:

This isn't an apples-to-apples comparison.

The Lemur is an established music controller with an active community. It uses a 100BaseT Ethernet connection, which should be relatively fast and reliable compared to wireless connections. The Lemur also boasts a larger display.

The iPad, though, will have a starting price of US $499, will be more of a commodity and has the benefit of being a multi-purpose device.

What do you think? Is JazzMutant's Mu the next big thing for Ableton Live users - or is it too little, too late, with the iPad close to release?

James Lewin
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vinnie    Said...

iPad's price point will make it dominant. not too many will shell out a couple of grand for a control screen when the iPad can work just as well.

08-Mar-10 06:19 PM

Derek    Said...

I think there will always be room for high-end products that are unencumbered by DRM and consumer tools like iTunes. Can you imagine a gig where things go wrong and you need to pull out iTunes to restore you latest iPad/iPod Touch backup? No thanks!

Entertainment devices are all fine and well, but I prefer to keep my pro gear *pro*. Eat that, Apple-the-phone-company (as opposed to Apple the company that once cared about making really cool pro products).

08-Mar-10 07:45 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

The bottom line is, the iPad is here and it changes the game entirely whether anyone likes it or not.

If I could buy Mu for the iPad as an app instead of slapping down 2 grand for a specialised piece of hardware I would go for the app every time.

A smart business plan for them now would be to port the app to the iPad, where there are significantly more potential customers for them to snap up. Also, its only a matter of time before someone else writes a comparable iPad app that takes their market share if they don't go for it.

08-Mar-10 10:50 PM

Henri Sizaret    Said...

I think JazzMutantshould start porting it's software on the iPad and revisit it's business model from expensive hardware to software for ipad, to then actually start funding new pro interfaces. otherwise it'll go bust or remain minute. it needs to generate resources to grow and market ideas, the ipad is it's opportunity or killer...

10-Mar-10 01:28 PM

doktor Whammo    Said...

The bottom line is, the ipad is nothing more than a giant ipod touch, no usb, no adobe flash, loaded with DRM, only apps approved by apple fascist policies - whether anyone likes it or not

11-Mar-10 11:29 AM

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