D16 Group Special Offer

Buy 2 and get 3rd free on audio software products during March      10/03/10

D16 Group Special Offer
Syntorus - included in the March buy two get 3rd free offer

D16 Group have announced that a special offer has been prepared for their customers. For everyone, who purchases 2 products in March will receive a 3rd product for free. Here's D16 terms for the offer...
General terms of promotion: "Buy 2 and Get 3rd Free"
  • 1. For any two products purchased, an additional D16 Group Audio Software product may be selected, free of charge.
  • 2. The free product must have a value equal to or less than that of the least expensive of the two purchased products.
  • 3. Promotion covers only the following products: Phoscyon, Drumazon, Nepheton, Nithonat, Devastor, Fazortan, Decimort, Redoptor, Toraverb and Syntorus.
  • 4. Promotion does not cover products purchased in bundles, namely: SilverLine Collection, Drum Pack, Classic Box Collection, and Total Bundle.
  • 5. Promotion covers only products purchased in our online shop between 01 March 2010 - 31 March 2010. Products covered by this promotion do not have to be purchased in a single order; the sole requirement is that they be purchased between the dates listed above.
  • 6. To participate in this promotion and receive a third free product, the customer, after purchasing two products covered by the promotion (see list above), must contact D16 Group Audio Software via email (support@d16.pl) with their choice for the third, free product.
  • 7. The choice of the third product must be made before 16 April 2010.
  • 8. Both purchased products covered by the promotion must be registered in a single User Area on the D16 Group website (i.e., they must be associated with a single user's account) by the time the customer notifies D16 Group of the third (free) product selection.
  • 9. Important! The licenses from all three products cannot be transferred to another user for six (6) months from the date when 3rd free product appears in the User Area.
  • 10. User can take an advantage of this promotion more than once during the period mentioned in point 5)
Pricing and Availability:
See website for individual pricings.
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