MESSE10: VMachine Gets More Plugs

Easier to use, instant patch switching      25/03/10

No flash plug

   Windows Media 
4:18 mins

The SM Pro Audio Vmachine is a tiny VST player which allows the user to host plug-ins and effects normally installed on your computer, but in a small, portable box.

Its been around for a little while now but has a whole new firmware which makes operation and installation a whole lot easier. There's also a ton of new plugs on board.






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mysticradio    Said...

will it have ability to go beyond 2gig ram?

25-Mar-10 01:47 PM

Peter Kadar    Said...

Hmmm... this could be cool. It'd be nice to have a machine that size to run a few plug ins live with no hassle.

26-Mar-10 01:12 AM

MPS    Said...

Even cooler if the vid would play... like.

26-Mar-10 07:38 AM

Jef    Said...

Promises, promises... This Vmachine is just junk. The VFX is still beta for MAC! In windows 7 it crashes. A lot of plug -ins do not work although they are listed as compatible on SM pro's website. This is a toy.CPU power is so ridiculous , 6 notes polyphony for a normal vsti. Don't try to run NI plug ins...

08-Apr-10 01:16 PM

Rog    Said...

I can confirm that the host software is still buggy sometimes, and importing plugins can be the hell of complicated sometimes, but the v-machine itself is a very reliable piece of hardware, it never failed on me so far (as notebooks do); during a gig it fell to ground - it simply kept on working; no fragile hds or os, instead a shock-resistent flash-drive and an extremely slim linux; you just can connect usb-devices on the fly, no driver-stories at all; when you've finished playing you can just switch it off like a tv, period; not very powerful (unfortunately, it's definitively no receptor), but rock solid and as small and light as a video cassette(ok, maybe a tad bit heavier), and really sexy looking; I think this is the main fasctination, to have a pocket-size vsti-player that is as reliable as a normal sound module, but way more flexible; so it will all depend on how they can improve the host software and compatibility; this will be the decisive point

19-May-10 01:04 PM

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