MESSE10: Expandable 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

Radikal Technologies introduces Accelerator      26/03/10
MESSE10: Expandable 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

Radikal Technologies have introduced Accelerator which they say will take the lead on stage and in the studio with an never heard, highly adjustable sonic palette of ultra fat sound. Here's the rest of what they have to say... The Accelerator is a polyphonic Synthesizer with eight powerful subtractive voices. Each voice consists of three oscillators, two multimode filters, 6 envelope generators, three voice LFOs and one section LFO. An additional noise source with independent multimode filtering and variable signal routing has been added for more sonic flexibility. A very nice balanced lightweighted keyboard with 61 keys, keyboard split option, aftertouch and velocity sensitivity completes the new synthesizer.
The Accelerator is perfectly prepared for your Live performances. A lot of synthesizers nowadays do not offer direct patch selection anymore. Instead of using direct access push buttons you have to dial in the desired patch and press enter. The Accelerator makes sound selection instantly available at your fingertips with dedicated patch select buttons. Furthermore, the unique program chain feature allows for programming a chain of programs that selects the correct patch automatically for you.
Another stunning new feature is the the built in 3D sensor. Movements of the keyboard are converted into Modulation data. This brilliant addition allows for controlling parameters like pitch, the filter frequency or modulation depths by lifting up or shaking the keyboard. Do you love step sequencers and arpeggiators? The Accelerator would not be a Radikal synthesizer if we did not integrate some sequencing goodies. You can enter some notes into the step sequencer, transpose the sequences with the left hand while performing a solo at the upper end of the split keyboard.
The powerful warm and crispy sound of this new synthesizer flagship will become the center of your keyboard setup. If you would like expand the Accelerator's sonic power even more you can get additional voices with our DSP expansion module. The DSP expansion does not only add extra polyphony to the Accelerator - you will also be able to use up to eight independent synthesizer sounds at a time with the integrated multimode feature.
  • 3 oscillators with sweepable waveforms, time linearity modulation, phasemodulation, ringmodulation between Oszillator 2+3
  • oscillator synchronisation
  • 6 envelope generators
  • 4 LFOs (3 voice, 1p art LFO)
  • noise with noise filter (multimode filter 12 / 24 dB)
  • independent amp EG for noise
  • 2 multimodefilter per voice - LP, HP, BP and Notch with 12/24 dB per filter switchable
  • independent oscillator to filter feeds
  • serial and parallel filter configurations
  • 8 voices (expandable per DSP upgrade)
  • categorized randomize sound function
  • monochrome graphic display with RGB backlight
  • modulationmatrix
  • 2 FX
  • arpeggiator
  • step sequencer
  • split, dual, single and performance mode
  • 3D positioning sensor for parameter control
  • 61 lightweighted keys with channel aftertouch
  • 512 sound memories
  • floating point for enhanced dynamic range
  • expression pedal input
  • footswitch input
  • USB (USB MIDI class device)
  • two external inputs
  • two outputs
  • MIDI In, Out, Thru
  • headphones output
Pricing and Availability:
Available June 2010 More information:

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Brian from USA    Said...

Modulation by picking the unit up and shaking it? Well, that's different....but is it useful?

26-Mar-10 07:22 AM

eXode    Said...

I'm curious as to how much it's going to cost. Because let's face it. It doesn't look THAT much spec wise compared to i.e. Alesis ION. And the interfacepanel on the actual keyboard looks kind of cack tbh.

26-Mar-10 08:04 AM

noisetheorem    Said...

if it were a 3 or 4 octave synth, and not a full 61, I would actually consider this. It sounds like its got a lot more modulation options than your average synth. The last synth I can think of that had 6 ENV and 4 LFO's was the Korg Z1. (clavia modulars not included)

But the accelerometer thing is just kinda silly.

26-Mar-10 08:08 AM

Tesla    Said...

Wow, They ignored the ongoing spectralis o.s. build issues to work on a V.A.? What is this 1998? I can't understand why any boutique synth company is trying to flog expensive V.A. tech in 2010. And releasing a keyboard that you shake to modulate? FAIL.........

26-Mar-10 09:14 AM

XxX    Said...

the fact that there are already 4 comments means this is going to be a big hit.

this is superb controller keyboard with a very nice sounding basic synth engine.

plus for performing the accelarator function DOES work very nice. SUCCESSsss

26-Mar-10 09:31 AM

Trus1te    Said...

The shaking idea is the most radikal, innovative thing I've heard from the world of synthesis in a while.

I mean, who wouldn't want to slowly lift their keyboard over their head as if they were some keyboard god, oscillating the pitch into the skys?

I think this thing will be great, it will just be too pricey and will find itself competing with the PolyEvolver, Solaris and Voyager.

What the should have done, IMO, is make a 2-4 voice keyboard with that same motion technology that could compete with the Roland and Korg DA stuff. Like, I'd rather have a Radikal 2 voice, 3 OSC synth with motion technology than a SH-01. But a SH-01 isn't lookin' too bad with its great control interface and tolerable price tag.

26-Mar-10 11:21 AM

synthelman    Said...

hmm, tbh to me it looks quite like a marriage between a Plugiator (which is Ex Creamware stuff) and Radical Tech.


26-Mar-10 11:58 AM

gonko    Said...

THE synth to cook up your interpretation/remix of Papua New Guinea. Accelerator.

26-Mar-10 05:01 PM

selercs    Said...

From the comments above, we can clearly see the whiners will always find something to whine about while the innovators will keep inventing new products.

Stop whining and learn to be appreciative of newer technologies.

The polyphony is a bit on the low side - I would have hoped 64 voices like on the new Roland GAIA..but its still worth a look.

27-Mar-10 11:15 AM

hogberto    Said...

it's not a 'newer technology'. it's a pish gimmick.

27-Mar-10 01:31 PM

Nick B    Said...

Should have a video coming online soon

27-Mar-10 06:12 PM

Steve    Said...

Maybe a jacked up speed addict will wrestle with this thing to modulate, but a regular musician will just work the keys and knobs. Definitely a silly gimmick.

28-Mar-10 07:17 PM


This looks like expensive hogwash aimed at 12 year olds with a stack of daddy's money. Prepare to lose all street-cred and dignity when you "shake to modulate" and end up looking like a fookin' geek!

20-Apr-10 06:23 AM

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