New Refill Features Classic Fairlight Sounds

PowerFX Intros Fairlight CMI Legacy      26/03/10

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PowerFX has introduced Fairlight CMI Legacy - a new sound library that features original sounds from the Fairlight CMI II, the world's first real sampling based workstation.

The ReFill contains 644 Megabyte of samples - 2000 sounds in all, including all of the Fairlight's 33 8-inch factory discs.

PowerFX notes that "Unfortunately, we could not simulate the loading time, noise and intermettent failures of the original disk drives. You will have to live with that."

In addition to the original Fairlight sound, it features fresh Combinator patches & recordings of some other synthesizers and drum machines from the same era, in order for the library to be a highly useable songwriting and production tool.


  • 491 patches for all Reason units.Just one Malström sound.
  • Over 1700 waveforms and samples.

Pricing and Availability

The Refill is available now for $69.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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