MESSE10: Classic Rhodes With MIDI

Optical MIDI system with aftertouch      01/04/10

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8:0 mins

The re-emergence of the Rhodes electric pianos was quite an event when it happened at last years NAMM show. The new rebuilds feature all of the original internals, but with improved electronics and amplification.


The new active MIDI system now adds a high quality optical MIDI sensors that allows you to take control of the rest of your rig from the Rhodes itself.



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Bjarne D.    Said...

I remember getting a phone call sometime in '08, because I had put myself up on a pre-order list. I think they were looking for funding for the company at the time, and it was expensive as hell, as it is now. I mean, 5000 euros? Jesus.

02-Apr-10 06:00 PM

banjo    Said...

What a bunch of car sellers, with idiotic faces... the worst is that they're selling an instrument invented by a genius and a dear human being.

03-Apr-10 03:42 AM

Zeke    Said...

Yeah, they're really expensive...but I somehow anticipated that. What will probably happen is that people who end up buying them are the keyboard guys in multimillion Billboard-topping hip hop / r&b groups, legends like Stevie Wonder and so on. I recently spotted one in Corinne Bailey Rae's band. They do sound just like they should, and in my opinion they look fantastic.

And (unlike most so-called demo guys) this guy can actually play a few nice minor9 chords. :P

14-Apr-10 05:50 AM

Peter Kadar    Said...

I dunno... I think they're onto something. I thought the young kid was well informed and well spoken.

Polyphonic aftertouch is COOL!! But also expensive to implement.

I think it's great if you can afford it. While I'm not one of those people, I think they've really done a good job.

15-Apr-10 01:21 AM

Derek Powell    Said...

It's cheap not expensive an I bet anyone on a low income who bought it would value the treasure that it is

30-Nov-10 04:59 PM

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