MIDI-Triggered Loop Sampler

de la mancha loophole lets you play sections of up to 4 different loops using MIDI notes      01/04/10

MIDI-Triggered Loop Sampler

de la mancha has released loophole. Here's what they have to say about it...
loophole is a midi-triggered loop sampler, which allows you play sections of up to 4 different loops using midi notes to control which section of which loop plays. This can be a great way to mash up 4 different loop styles or add quick variations on 4 similar loops. As well as having full control of which sections to play, you can also trigger random sections too (well this is a de la Mancha plugin!)
You can load any 4 loops and sync them to host tempo, then using midi notes you can play the loops, switching between loops, playing several loops and defining which sections play. You also get a visual display of the loops, the play position and which sections are being played. The multi-out version lets you apply further effects processing to each loop separately. Loophole also has a volume envelope per loop to declick or fade in/out.
  • Loop sampler, using midi notes to trigger sections of each loop, either specifically or randomly
  • 171 original drum loops in 24bit Wav format, across 19 different kits covering acoustic and electronic styles (Rock, Jazz, Breakbeat, DnB, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Lofi, Glitch, 8 bit, House, Trance and more)
  • Loads any 16, 24 and 32 bit WAV in mono or stereo
  • Very low CPU (<1% on 2.2GHZ dual core CPU)
  • Tempo-sync each loop by setting length in beats, allowing stretching or different lengths if desired
  • Play sections of each loop, each triggered by a different midi note
  • Play random sections using one midi note
  • Graphical representation of loops, play position and triggered sections
  • Normalise and mono options per loop
  • Envelope per loop to fade in/out or declick
  • Volume control and mute per loop
  • Stereo out and Multi-out versions
  • 21 presets covering different styles and sounds
  • 12 midi files showing examples of basic and advanced triggering
Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price of $24 valid until 6 May 2010 More information:

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