Thomas Dolby Blogs about Melodyne

Melodyne Editor hits the spot      07/04/10

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Music technology pioneer and original steampunk Thomas Dolby has posted an interesting blog about his use of Melodyne Editor software.

As you may recall, the capabilities of Melodyne's Direct Note Access technology actually drew cheers and applause from jaded and cynical hacks like meself when it was first demoed at a Press launch at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2008, so it's interesting to get the views of a respected user now it's a released product - Thomas purchased a copy himself, as he points out, so no favouritism there; it's real user feedback.


Thanks to Thomas Wendt for sending us tthe heads-up on this one... if you've any interesting newsy items you think we ought to feature, drop us a line at news-at-sonicstate-dot-com.



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