Clothing Made From Audio Tape

Recycled Cassette Tape Turned Into Hats, Ties      11/04/10

Clothing Made From Audio Tape

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Conceptual sound artist Alyce Santoro creates clothing made from sonic fabric - fabric oven from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% colored thread.

The Recycled Cassette Tape Fedora, for example, has a retro swankiness about it which hides the fact that it can be played with a tape head.

Here's an video that demonstrates using a Walkman to read sonic fabric:

The garbled collage of sounds is a result of the tight weave of the fabric.

Sonic fabric is woven on antique looms in New England:

The Sonic Fabric Fedoras are a limited-edition project; Santoro has also designed neckties made from the sonic fabric.

According to Santoro, the idea behind using fabric to create clothing "is that the wearer becomes a beacon for other-dimensional, intangible, subtle forces of good…much in the manner of a superhero. only this part of the superhero garb can be worn on the outside in any environment without detection!"

Details on the designs are available at Santoros' Supermarket site.


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