Need To Kill Some Zombies And Make It Sound Good?

Hiss And Roar Has You Covered With A New Sound Library      15/04/10

Buying Choices

Hiss And Roar has released a new sample library, Vegetable Violence, that promises to let you kill zombies, autopsy aliens and disembowel vampires with deliciously disgusting style.

Here's what they have to say about Vegetable Violence:

Vegetable Violence is an organic sound effects library for creating your own orchestrated sonic mayhem. Recorded & mastered at 96kHz for stomach churning realism, this component library is available for download in three royalty-free forms.

A free preview selection is available for download.

Pricing and Availability

Vegetable Violence is available now in three collections, ranging in price from US $9 - $49. Details at the site.


via Ektopia

James Lewin
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