PreSonus Studio One Lets You 'Save To The Cloud'

First DAW With SoundCloud Support      30/04/10

PreSonus Studio One Lets You 'Save To The Cloud'

Presonus and SoundCloud have announced that the new version of Studio One is now available, and it's the first mainstream DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with built-in SoundCloud support.

This is an early example of "cloud" support in digital audio workstations.

If you're not familiar with cloud computing, it's the idea that computing services can be made available to you via the Internet, on demand. You may not care how a "cloud" service works or the details of where it's located on the Internet - as long as it works well and does what you need for a fair price.

Here are some examples of cloud services that musicians might use:

  • Save to the cloud - DAW's could add save to the cloud support that would archive a copy of your files to the a cloud-based service somewhere on the Internet. If your computer died, you'd have a secure copy on the Internet that you could download to your another computer.
  • Share via the cloud - As you work on music files, you may want to share files securely via the Internet. For example, you might want to share files with your mastering service or share mixes with a client to preview.
  • Publish to the cloud - It's becoming more and more common for musicians to publish their music directly via the Internet. Instead of worrying about having your own robust media hosting server, you might want to publish tracks via a cloud-based service that specializes in media hosting. Select publish from your DAW and your file can be directly published to the Internet.

Studio One's SoundCloud support lets you connect to a SoundCloud account and publish your files privately or publicly. Drag and drop audio files from the internal browser or any folder in your file system onto the SoundCloud Client, fill in the meta data you want to add, and Upload. The files are exported straight to your SoundCloud account.

SoundCloud suggests that "cloud sharing" will open up new options for DAW users:

This is obviously a really convenient way of sharing the tracks you make, but it also makes it easier to upload samples, loops, guitar tracks, vocals, and other parts you create. Our hope is that this will open up for collaborations and other new ways of making music. As you might have heard, Ableton have already announced that they are building SoundCloud export into Live and we expect to see and number of other new integrations launched this year.

Is sharing music directly to the Internet the next big thing for music applications?

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