Nodal Generative Sequencer Gets Update

Adds Improved MIDI Support      04/05/10

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This is a sneak preview of Nodal 1.7, the latest version of CEMA's generative software application for composing music, for Windows & Mac computers.

New Features In Nodal 1.7:

  • The first is the ability to trigger networks with MIDI note messages. In this way the networks can be played from a keyboard (this happens in the video and the keyboard action is represented by a Max/MSP patch). This idea is very similar to the way clips can be launched in Ableton Live. Like Live, triggering also includes velocity scaling so that each network can be played louder or softer. This feature is most apparent at the end of the video. Triggering can be quantised to a range of timing intervals.
  • The second feature is the ability to program in pitchbend and CC data. The video illustrates this feature with pitchbend.

See the CEMA site for more information on Nodal.


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