First Wind Synthposium Coming To Vegas

To Be Held Sept 27-29, 2010      08/05/10

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The 2010 Wind Synthposium, scheduled for Sept 27-29 in Las Vegas, is a three-day seminar for wind synthesists of all levels.

The event is described as a "unique opportunity for musicians who are using wind-controlled synthesizers to gather together and explore both the technical and musical aspects of this cutting edge art form."

Planned Sessions:

  • Welcome to the Wide World of Wind Controllers
  • Developing a Killer Wind Controller Technique
  • Gig Rigs - Design Principles of Working Rigs
  • Fundamentals of Emulation
  • Introduction to “Soft” Synths
  • Physical Modeling-Mastering the VL70-m
  • An Interactive Panel Discussion with Nyle Steiner
  • Open rehearsal for the Virtual Big Band

Highlights will include a concert performance by wind synth legend Nyle Steiner and the first ever public performance by the Virtual Big Band. Registration for event is $395. See the site for details.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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