New Trends - Delete Your MySpace And Give Away Your Music?

Jane Siberry Wants You To 'Pay It Forward'      15/05/10

New Trends - Delete Your MySpace And Give Away Your Music?

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Canadian singer-songwriter Jane Siberry, who's worked k.d.lang, Brian Eno, Colly Hole and others, has deleted her MySpace, has set her music free and is performing at sold out concerts around the world.

Siberry has tried other Internet music models in the past, including self-determined pricing, but now thinks setting music free is the way to go, saying:

It is free. A Gift from Jane.

Take good care of it. And 'Pay it forward' to others.

The free releases include:

  • 2008  DRAGON DREAMS                          
  • 2003  SHUSHAN THE PALACE                   
  • 2000  HUSH                                               
  • 1999  NEW YORK TRILOGY complete          
  • 1999  part i TREE                                      
  • 1999  part ii LIPS                                     
  • 1997  part iii CHILD                                 
  • 1997  DAY IN THE LIFE                            
  • 1996  TEENAGER                                   
  • 1995  MARIA                                           
  • 1993  WHEN I WAS A BOY                      
  • 1989  BOUND BY THE BEAUTY             
  • 1987  THE WALKING                             
  • 1985  THE SPECKLESS SKY                     
  • 1984  NO BORDERS HERE        
  • 1981 JANE SIBERRY                     

The releases are full CDs, with artwork, and are available as MP3s or AIFFs.

The moves do two things - eliminate barriers between Siberry and potential listeners and make her site and FaceBook the primary Internet channels for fans.

Are Siberry's moves part of a larger trend? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


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