Barefoot Looping With Theresa Anderson

'Little Masterpieces Of Functional Choreography'      20/05/10

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This video captures one-woman band Theresa Anderson, performing the traditional song Oh, Mary, live February 28, 2010, at the Le Petit Theatre in New Orleans.

Anderson makes great use of looping within an acoustic performance, as this video demonstrates.

From her official bio:

With her toes turning knobs, as her hands strum guitar or bow a violin, and she sings with a charismatic smile that belies her intense concentration, Andersson's performances are little masterpieces of functional choreography.

Working out a single arrangement can take upwards of two months. Inspired in part by the puppet theater of Chicago's Blair Thomas and Company, her shows provide daredevil thrills for Andersson and her audience alike. "The crowd are as excited as I am," she admits. "There is definitely that feeling of, 'Oh my God, is it all going to fall apart?'"


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