'Photoshop For Audio' Gets Update

Photosounder 1.8 Adds Stereo Support, New Editing Options      20/05/10

Buying Choices

Photosounder, a tool for graphical sound design, has announced the release of version 1.8 on June 1st.

The new release features:

  • Stereo support to edit and create stereo sounds less painfully
  • Layer support for more powerful editing
  • New options and modifications to improve your workflow and results

After this new release, updates will be provided to offer VSTi integration and multi-platform support.

With this release, the prices of Photosounder licenses will increase to $59 (€46) for a non-commercial license and $175 (€138) for a commercial license.

Photosounder is an app that lets you graphically manipulate sound files.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creating unique sounds, rhythms, soundscapes from scratch or from existing pictures
  • Cleaning up noise and disturbances in existing audio files
  • Isolating or removing instruments from a complex sounds
  • Designing new sound effects or instruments graphically
  • Anything you can imagine by graphically editing audio files

See the video demo above for one example of how Photosounder can be used.

Pricing and Availability

Until June 1st you can get Photosounder for $32 (€25) for a non-commercial license and $127 (€99) for a commercial license, with a free upgrade to the new version when it is released.


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