New Soundtrack & Chill Sample Library

Inspired by Vangelis' Soundscapes      28/05/10

New Soundtrack & Chill Sample Library

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Sample Magic has introduced Soundtrack & Chill, a new sample library that offers 1.5GB of "organic ambience" for Soundtrack and Chill

According to Sample Magic, the library features "hundreds of trembling textures, Vangelis-soundscapes, sultry keys, ambient guitars, haunting vibes and viola, cracked percussion, hypnotic Tokyo chimes, dark operatics and delayed city atmospheres ."

Soundtrack & Chill features live violas, vibes, pianos, vocals, guitars, sax, keys - as well as field recordings and some genuine 18th Century cylinder speech.

Check out the three demos to hear three different facets to the collection - which delivers everything from eveloving soundscapes, through delicate instrumentals, to Far Eastern rhythms.

Pricing and Availability

 The library is available now, in multiple formats; see the site for pricing details. 


James Lewin
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