Learn The Secrets Of Guitar Recording

IK Multimedia offers AmpliTube 3's King of Tone Tour Master Classes      10/06/10

Learn The Secrets Of Guitar Recording

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IK Multimedia has announced the King of Tone Tour power clinics and workshops which they say ill provide a unique opportunity for guitar/bass players, producers and engineers to discover the secrets of guitar recording and mixing using IK's leading guitar and bass tone gear modeling software, AmpliTube 3. Here's what they have to say...
In these clinics, you will be able to sit down with professionals and fellow IK users to learn more about this phenomenal tone-shaping suite and learn how to build your own signature tone, plus pick up valuable tips and tricks from guitar virtuosos and industry professionals.
The sessions are geared for both beginners and for more experienced users:
  • ENTRY LEVEL SESSION - An introduction to AmpliTube 3 and all its basic features geared towards those new to computer-based guitar recording and/or AmpliTube. Topics range from: how to construct a 'Virtual Gear' set up, an introduction to signal routing options, a look at the different sections - tuner, stomps, amps, etc. - what they do and how to use them, plus much more.
  • ADVANCED LEVEL SESSION - An in-depth look at AmpliTube 3 geared towards those with a more advanced background in computer recording technology. If you are familiar with AmpliTube or other guitar amp & effects software then this session is for you. Topics range from: Amp, pre-amp and cab matching, advanced mic placement and room modeling, external control/MIDI/DAW automation and MIDI learn, using an effects processor on other tracks (vocals, drums, keyboards, etc), plus much more.
Additionally, you will get a brief look into the possibilities of StealthPedal, our wah-style audio interface and controller, and an exclusive preview of our new AmpliTube iRig for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.
After the event, all registered participants will also receive a free copy of AmpliTube X-GEAR, IK Multimedia's amp and FX starter pack. As always, there will be special deals and discounts on the day.
Ongoing schedule of tour dates and information:


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