Introducing The MiniSynth Pro

New iPad Synthesizer      23/06/10

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This promo video introduces the Yonac MiniSynth Pro - the "bigger, better, tonier" software synthesizer for the Apple iPad

miniSynth PRO is engineered as a dual FM / Subtractive synth. It combines the solid analog tones of its custom-made twin oscillators with the complex timbral potential only available by frequency modulation. 

miniSynth PRO features a dedicated 5-destination LFO, dual (VCF and VCA) envelopes, an analog-clone low-pass filter, settable glide and old school stereo reverb. 

miniSynth PRO also includes a built-in arpeggiator with multiple trigger and order modes, recording in 44k, 16-bit stereo WAV format, individually adjustable dual keyboards, optional note overlays and a user control matrix for pitch bending and filter modulation.

miniSynth PRO also comes with 82 factory presets, designed by actual musicians.

Pricing and Availability

MiniSynth is available now for $9.99.



James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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