Studio One Updated

PreSonus releases Studio One 1.5.1      28/06/10

Studio One Updated

PreSonus has announced that it is now shipping Studio One 1.5.1, the latest update to the company's flagship music recording and production software. This is a free update for all registered users of Studio One Artist and Studio One Pro. To update their software, users should log into their PreSonus accounts and download the new version.
Studio One 1.5.1 includes the following new features:
  • A MIDI offset for recording is now available in the MIDI options to correct for poor timing with some devices and drivers.
  • Double-click with the Arrow Tool removes a note in MIDI Piano Roll editor.
  • Extracting audio from a video to a new track will automatically mute the video player's audio output (Studio One Pro).
  • ISRC code validation has been added in Projects to avoid disc-burning errors.
  • A cache-file generation meter has been added to the Performance Monitor and to the Transport bar to monitor cache use.
  • Song and Stem export now have a Publish (SoundCloudâ„¢) option (Studio One Pro).
  • A shortcut to the SoundCloud client has been added to the Start Page (Studio One Pro).
  • The manual is now available in German.
  • A "Solo Follows Selected Track" option has been added to the Track menu.
In addition, version 1.5.1 optimizes the program's overall performance, improves mixdown speed, and fixes at least 30 known issues, including:
  • Next and Previous Marker command was not working with some MIDI control surfaces
  • Video was disabled in the demo version (now enabled)
  • MIDI Time Code stutter in loop playback
  • MP3 export used the wrong image tag
  • "Out of memory" crash when loading large SF2 (SoundFont) files in Presence
  • MIDI notes did not stop sounding (were "hung") in Ableton Live through ReWire
  • Instrument Part Editor height was too limited; now it can be completely vertically sized
Pricing and Availability:
Free download for users.
More information:


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