Sounds From The Smithy

Cinematique Instruments releases Experimental Box V2      30/06/10

Sounds From The Smithy

Cinematique Instruments have released Experimental Box V2. Here's what they have to say...
This is the second part of our successful experimental section: The Experimental Box V2. This time we focuses on objects and elements we found in a smithy of an artist blacksmith. We created a nice mishmash of highly playable rhythms, textures and instruments which are perfect for writing music in an experimental and minimalist way or giving your music a special character.
We just spent some hours in a smithy and recorded everything we could our hands on (next time we´ll definitely spend some more time): Nails, anvils, grindstones, ferreous tools, metal shapes, tubes, resonating plates, rattling sheets and any kind of machines. We´ve beaten, scrubbed and rattled the material and objects with hands, metal or rubber hammer, sticks and iron bars and came out with a wonderful assortment of textures, morphing pads, weird percussion and undefined instruments.
Box Contents
  • Anvil – Different sounds of beating the anvil, 17 velocity layers
  • Arcus Response – Iron hits with random delays. ModWheel adds weird noises
  • Dark Sheet – very deep and dark plate modulated through microphone movement, ModWheel changes scenario, rotator switch
  • Ferrous Loops – 35 sophisticated tempo-synced loops made of Ferreous Percussion, several knobs to control the sound
  • Ferreous Percussion – nails, metal clear, saws, unsorted hits of cans and tins and undefined smithy sounds
  • Grinding – 22 loops or one shots of close recording of grinding objects
  • Knatter – undefined deep crackling
  • Low Machine – a machine hum suspense pad, ModWheel controls amount of suspense
  • Metal Glass Sizzle – prudent and shy mystic texture, ModWheel adds digital distortion
  • Metal Resonance – low and calm spooky pad, ModWheel morphs sound
  • One Minute Melodica – melodica played by the blacksmith, distorted
  • Rattling Sheet – undefined deep rattling, ModWheel adds texture
  • Small Saw Hit – enormous deep but soft hits
  • Spanner – nice assortment of 8 different spanner
  • Strap Arp – tie-wrap arpeggiator
  • Tipping The Plate – deep metal percussion sound
Pricing and Availability:
22 EUR (excl. VAT) More information:

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