Metronome App Updated

Planet Waves updates ProTempo app for iPhone and iPod Touch      06/07/10

Metronome App Updated

Planet Waves has announced the newly revamped, user-friendly app for iPhone & iPod Touch users: the ProTempo metronome application. Here's what they have to say in their press release...
Newly enhanced and redesigned by the minds at Audiofile Engineering (creators of Chordmaster and FiRe - Field Recorder), ProTempo is the quintessential digital metronome for iPhone brought to you by Planet Waves, one of the D'Addario company's family of world-renowned musical instrument accessory brands.
Whether you're practicing, composing or recording, the ProTempo metronome app delivers unmatched utility and convenience for musicians at all levels. Use the touch-screen Tap feature to dial up a basic click-based tempo instantly, or create and save your own customized rhythm patterns using ProTempo's richly detailed controls. Choose from a set of high-quality sound samples that can be assigned and balanced within a single pattern. Adjust parameters including meter, accents, subdivisions and more. From the simplest click track to the most complex rhythms, ProTempo provides iPhone and iPod Touch users with a versatile, user-friendly metronome to rival any of its portable counterparts. Players looking to improve their feel can also utilize the integrated Trainer. With adjustable settings for difficulty and sensitivity, the Trainer listens to your playing and indicates how accurately you're hitting each beat.
  • Hyper-accurate timing
  • Set tempos numerically or with tap-tempo
  • Create and save unique tempo profiles for individual songs
  • 16 high-quality sounds and instrument samples
  • Precise control of rhythmic accents, meters and subdivisions
  • Customize sounds and settings for each note in a pattern
  • Conductor screen with visual bounce and flash cues
  • Adjustable "Trainer" for play-along practice
"The success of previous Planet Waves apps such as the Chordmaster and Scale Wizard prove the importance of quality and ingenuity with the development of each app," states Jim D'Addario, D'Addario & Company, Inc. CEO. "In addition to listening to current ProTempo app users, this is why we chose to revamp the app and make more significant, user-friendly updates to aid the convenience and functionality of ProTempo."
Pricing and Availability:
The updated ProTempo application is available now; users can simply log into their iTunes store account and search Planet Waves to download the ProTempo metronome app for only $3.99. More information:

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