Podcast: Sonic TALK181- Prince, Prodigy - Prophecy Purchase Live

Mick Karn, Led Zep copyright, guitar gizmos, MicroBook - more      08/07/10

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76:48 mins

TALK 181
This podcast was recorded live via Ustream.


We have the welcome return of PJ Tracy - composer and studio owner,  who's been busy working on game audio, Rich Hilton -  from camp Chic where he mans the controls for Nile Rodgers' private studio, Dave Spiers -  GForce Software driving force and synth nut.


Our first task is to bring Mick Karn's tragic news to the fore and let you know that there's an appeal which can be contributed to online, then we're on to Led Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused court case, a quick mention of the wave of guitar processing for iPad and iPhone, the MOTU MicroBook interface, Prince's latest spoutings in advance of his new album release 20TEN. The Prodigy's finest lead synth moments causes me to buy a Korg Prophecy live on air.

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stoltz    Said...

I own a prophecy, figured I'd poke with some facts.

was released in 96, its not upgradable, is monophonic, & has 11 variations of ocillator for the 2 main OSC, a sub osc & a noise generator, which is what seperates it apart from other synths, runs a duel mix signal chain (routing different osc's to different filters) of which it runs 2 multimode filters. has 2 waveshapers, 3 FX (reverb/delay+chorus/phaser/flanger+wah/dist/amp sim). & heres the kicker, the device runs 5 enverlopes & 4 LFO's, with a whopping amount of routing (along with the HW controllers)

the sound on the DA is oddly quiet, buts the flexibuilty of the korg MOSS is MASSIVE, & can produce a serious amount of sounds. the brass sounds in particular are a favourite of mine.

the presets on the machine are frankly shit & uninspiring, but whipe them all, start again from scratch & you'll find a canyon deep set of sounds available, of which the editing is menu driven with context knobs.

I belive it was used alot on the fat of land album by the prodigy.

I personally used to use one in my live rig, played by my former band mate as a cool & flexible lead performence synth

I deffinatly recomend one, tho you HAVE TO spend time with it, dig in, remember to assign the controllers to things to animate the sound, & enjoy!


09-Jul-10 03:26 PM

NIck B    Said...

Thanks mate, it just turned up tonight. And so far, I concurr. Although I need some serious manual reading to get into it..

But its in dapper shape with original box and manuals.

09-Jul-10 07:11 PM

www.soundclick.com/GuruOne    Said...

I expect a full video review of the Prophecy, Battrick ;)

Just think of it as a retro-review



09-Jul-10 08:11 PM

Velocipede    Said...

I bought that Prince album that PJ mentioned. It's actually 3 discs with one being a female artist that Prince has produced. It was discounted to $5 at Target a few months ago. The first Prince disc is alright, but not his best. Still have to listen to the 2nd one. Such a bother to rip it into iTunes.

14-Jul-10 04:25 AM

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