New App Turns Your iPhone Into A Vuvuzela

For Those Times When You Need A Virtual Vuvuzela      09/07/10

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You already know that the vuvuzela is one of the world's most annoying musical instruments / noisemakers. It's so annoying, in fact, that ProSoniq and others have actually put their engineers to work creating high-tech vuvuzela-canceling software. 

For those of you that just can't get enough of that vuvuzela sound, though, developer Spoonjack has created Vuvuzela Man - a virtual vuvuzela for the iPhone.

According to the developers, it puts vuvuzela power at your fingertips. It even offers "Multi-Vuvuzela technology". 

Check out the video above and let us know - are you ready for "Multi-Vuvuzela technology"?

Pricing and Availability

Vuvuzela Man is available now as a free download. 


James Lewin
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