First iPhone 4 Music Video

Complete Video Shot On An iPhone 4      22/07/10

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This music video, for Cascades by flakjakt (Steve Fallows), is desribed as the “first official iPhone 4 music video”.

Whether or not it's "official", it's an impressive demonstration of what musicians can now do with little more than a mobile phone. 

Here's what Fallows says about the video:

In a fun weeklong experiment, my friend Marty and I collaborated on this video for an original song I wrote specifically for the iPhone 4 shoot. The overall goal was to produce a music video you can get down with – first and foremost – regardless of what camera we were shooting with. I think the end result turned out fantasmic! I hope you do too.

What do you think? Are new mobile phones, like the iPhone 4, opening up new options for musicians?


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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