Rarity: Massive Yamaha EX1 Organ

One of only ten ever made      26/07/10

Via buddhashake 


I'm loving the excess and decadence of this baby. Released in 1977 and stuffed to the brim with current organ and synth technology - namely PASS(Pulse Analog Synthesizer System), this was really a beast.

With three manuals, including a little top keyboard for synth lines, you would struggle to find a space to put it - or at least I would. God forbid you actually had to move the thing, I imagine it weighed a LOT. Also came with a pair of massive speakers for the full space control center effect.






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mysticradio    Said...

anyone remember Terry Riley.......i wonder if he used a machine like this.....

26-Jul-10 10:53 PM

Paul Hurt    Said...

That takes me back. First band I was in (1980-ish) we tended to use my dad's Yamaha organ for the keyboard parts. It wasn't an EX1, but mildly similar, with the same 3-octave monosynth on top. We'd have loved a Prophet 5, but being 16 years old, we had to make do with what we could get. Amazing how creative you can be when the tools you're working with aren't quite up to scratch. An amazing (for the time) choir sound, to our untrained ears it wasn't that far off being a Mellotron...

17-Aug-10 11:29 AM

www.markjenkins.co    Said...

Loads of EX1's were made. I have one. The rare model was the more highly programmable GX1 as played by Keith Emerson, Abba, Led Zeppelin and Abba. The GX1/EX1 spun off the CS80/60/50 synths as played by everybody. What Terry Riley played was the Yamaha YC45D organ which was in no sense a synth, but did have a pitch bend strip and a double manual design.

25-Dec-10 02:27 PM

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