Komplete 7 Grows And Grows

24 bundled instruments and effects      29/07/10
Komplete 7 Grows And Grows

The release of the new Komplete package from Native Instruments always causes a bit of a stir - The NI flagship bundle now features 24 instruments and effects. The latest Komplete adds twelve yes 12, newly included products (previously only available individually) and five totally new products, Komplete represents pretty much the cream of the Native Instruments crop.


Here's whats newly included:


  • Reflektor - convolution reverb based on Zero Latency Convolution technology
  • Reaktor Prism -  responsive polyphonic instrument with an unconventional sound
  • Traktor's 12 -  tried and tested floor-rocking DJ effects for use within the DAW
  • Vintage Organs- classic tone-wheel and combo organs of the 60s and 70s 
  • Rammfire - heavy guitar amp emulation from Rammsteins Richard Z.Kruspe
  • Abbey Road 60s Drum
  • The Finger - Innovative multi effects unit which can be played like a musical instrument
  • Scarbees excellent  MM-Bass, Rhodes, Clav and Wurly instruments
  • Four classic acoustic pianos
  • Acoustic Refractions - a set of unusual sampled source instruments
  • Reaktor Spark - synth sounds based on a unique REAKTOR ensemble


Of course, NI include many more instruments  - Reaktor 5.5, Kontakt 4, Absynth 5, Massive,FM8,  Guitar Rig 4, Battery 3 and much more. 

10,000 sounds and 90 GB of samples cover a lot of sonic territory - from hip-hop to film scores, from pop to techno to classical and beyond. KOMPLETE 7 includes everything from the dirtiest synths to heavenly choirs, pounding drums and mesmerizing effects. 


Available in September 2010


Upgrades available at $229/€199 for Komplete 2-6 owners. 

Also announced was the Komplete 7 Elements bundle - a sort of Komplete light with a cut down 2,000 sounds (12GB), player only versions priced at $119/€99

Both versions come with a $60/€50 voucher for redemption in the NI shop.






Even more news...

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John D.    Said...

Is this really worth making a new Komplete? I say RIP OFF!!!

29-Jul-10 08:10 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Loads of new stuff, cheap upgrade deals and a brilliant way to get into Komplete for newcomers? Of course it's worth it. I got Komplete 6 last year and the Komplete packs are very, very good value - even if you end up using only part of it. I'll certainly be getting the upgrade!

29-Jul-10 08:26 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

A lot of the "new" content is just Kore Packs, although they are certainly welcome as inclusions. $60 price increase is probably worth it now that there is an organ included again...wonder how it stacks up against B4?

29-Jul-10 10:59 AM

loneraver    Said...

only thing new is the kore packs bundled in and they aren't even really great ones either.

I'm going to pass on this update. NI, you're going to have to try harder!

29-Jul-10 12:41 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...


I was just about to upgrade to Komplete 6 but it's worth holding on 'til September :)

I think it takes a special kind of cynic find any problem with Komplete 7. There are so many titles it's "worth buying just for" - in my case Kontakt + all the vintage keys.

I wish they'd release a Kore 2 hardware controller with a wretched X-Y pad on it, since most of the synths are geared towards them! Kore almost seems worth having in the light of all this.

Native Instruments have come a long way since "those guys who replace all their Cs with Ks"

29-Jul-10 02:13 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

PS - does anyone else think that Rammstien seems like an odd choice to be the new face of Guitar Rig - not least of all for their lack of signature guitar sound?

Must be a German thing

29-Jul-10 02:21 PM

annoyed@NI    Said...

i received komplete 6, just 6 weeks ago...

now I have to fork out even more money?!

These guys are criminal

30-Jul-10 07:18 AM

DC    Said...

Some killer mostly filler. very disappointing bundle if you ask me, but then I dont really need 4 different multi sampled pianos.

Now if they would let me buy 3 or 4 packs I really did want at a discount price then Id be all over that.

02-Aug-10 04:20 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I have the new Komplete 7 installed on my iMac. All hundred gigabytes of it. Will it be a good software replacement for my Nord Electro 3?

Stay tuned for my in-depth review

30-Aug-10 10:30 PM

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