Max for Live Add-On

Puremagnetik releases Max Fuel, the First      02/08/10

Max for Live Add-On

Puremagnetik tell us that they are breaking new ground with the release of Max For Live add-on: Max Fuel, the First. Here's what they have to say about it...
Max Fuel, the First is a bundle of ten highly refined Max For Live devices. All were created with the musician in mind and work well in Live for either production or performance.
The devices fall into three categories...
Software Instruments
  • Bump - A mono synth with a generous, easily controlled feedback section
  • Stick - A drum instrument based around classic FM synthesis, ready for use in Drum Racks
Audio Effects
  • Drop - A multiband device where each band receives a percentage chance of being heard
  • Jumble - An audio processor with the same delay/feedback portion as Bump
  • Marx - A rebranded Spectral Mixer, setting different volumes and interactions for the signal's quiet, mid and loud portions
  • Veer - A flexible pitch shifter with a dry/wet control for the output.
  • Yell - A rich multiband distortion
Control Devices
  • el Effo - A versatile low frequency oscillator/step sequencer
  • Multiplexd - A single knob that proportionately controls up to 4 plug-in parameters, simplifying automation or MIDI control of multiple parameters
  • Side Chainer - A robust converter of any audio signal into a modulation signal
Max Fuel, the First is additional content for anyone looking to expand the suite of tools that comes with Max For Live. By including the control devices, some of the deeper potential of Max For Live is being brought to the end-user without the need to learn Max. This bundle has been rigorously tested and also includes presets, devices racks, and clip examples, providing standard Puremagnetik drag-and-drop content.
System Requirements
  • This bundle requires Live 8.1.4 and Max For Live. Details about Max For Live can be found This bundle will only work in Ableton (not in the MaxMSP application).
  • 200 MB of physical RAM
Pricing and Availability:
Max Fuel, The First is priced at $38 USD More information:


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