Entry Level Version Of MIR

Vienna Symphonic Library releases Vienna MIR SE based on Multi Impulse Response (MIR) convolution      11/08/10
Entry Level Version Of MIR

VSL tell us that Vienna MIR SE is a special version of Vienna MIR, the first ever whole-space mixing solution based on Multi Impulse Response (MIR) convolution. They say that its groundbreaking technology renders space as the unifying presence that merges every instrument into one authentic sound experience. Here's the details directly from the company...
As opposed to traditional production, where the mixing console is a barrier between the music creator and the music environment, Vienna MIR SE offers an entirely new spatial concept, merging all parts of the creative process – composition, orchestration and mixing – into a single intuitive workflow. Get rid of two-dimensional faders and pan pots – simply use the MIR SE Control Icon to change volume or stereo width and rotate instruments within a fluid three-dimensional environment.
Vienna MIR SE offers almost all of the features and functions of the "big" Vienna MIR at a favorable price. For less stress on computing power, some specifications have been limited:
  • Maximum of 32 instances (Vienna Instruments and 3rd party plug-ins).
  • Stereo only (no surround option).
  • No microphone editor, but customized stereo presets.
  • 3 rooms of the Vienna Konzerthaus (Grosser Saal, Mozartsaal, Neuer Saal) with 2 microphone positions each. RoomPack 2 and RoomPack 3 offering additional acoustic spaces are available for download.
Vienna MIR SE comes with customized templates for the Vienna Special Edition, our entry-level orchestra library, making instrument placement on the virtual stage a piece of cake.
Pricing and Availability:
€ 395.
An upgrade path to the full version of Vienna MIR is available at EUR 445.
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