Lady Gaga Goes Polka-Metal

The Demented Sound World Of Andy Rehfeldt      16/08/10

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Ever wonder what it would sound like if Lady Gaga went Polka-Metal? Or if the Jonas Brothers did death metal?

Thanks to guitarist Andy Rehfeldt, you you can wonder no more.

Rehfeldt is a musician/composer, based out of Los Angeles. He creates YouTube mashup/remixes based on the videos and vocals of popular artists, but takes the artists into uncharted and often humorous territory. 

Here's his smooth jazz take on Metallica's Enter Sandman:

Rehfeldt's remixes work surprisingly well, in large part because his guitar work is great and faithful to whatever genre he takes on. 

Rehfeldt explains why he creates his warped remakes, saying "I never became a rockstar, but thanks to Youtube, I have an audience. Although I am not making any money from this, it's a great way to stay creative."

Here's one more of Rehfeldt's stranger remakes - the Jonas Brother's doing their death metal classic, Paranoid:

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