Edit Your Super Jupiter

Rekon Audio release their VST-AU MKS-80 Editor      19/08/10

Edit Your Super Jupiter

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Rekon Audio have released the VST-AU MKS-80 Editor for the Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter synthesizer. Here's what they have to say about it...
The VST-AU MKS-80 Editor is a real-time MIDI synth editor that allows you full control of every parameter of the sound on the Roland MKS-80™Super Jupiter synthesizer. Now you can utilize your MKS-80 to its full potential and build lasting and meaningful patches that will bring new life to your music. You can manage, view and edit all your patches on the computer itself without the hassle of manual dumps. All parameters are fully automatable and you can even use your favorite VST or AU host, or use it stand-alone, giving you the ability to visually program the MKS-80 to your music via the host sequencer. This ability to model your synth patches in realtime, inside your main music production environment is part of what makes the VST-AU MKS-80 Editor™ unique when compared to other hardware synth editors. You may also use the standalone application if you do not need to work inside the host or if your host is not supported.
Advanced Patch Librarian
The VST-AU MKS-80 Editor™ includes an advanced Patch Manager view that allows you to rename patches, and even drag and drop patches from one slot to another. Now you can provide meaningful naming to your patches and organize them efficiently and save them as standard .fxp/.fxb files.
Patch Randomizer
The VST-AU MKS-80 Editor™ also includes a Patch Randomizer that allows you to create patches randomly.
MIDI Input and Output Monitoring
The Midi Monitor view allows you to view all MIDI data coming into and out of the VST-AU MKS-80 Editor™. Easily switch between Input and Output views. You can even copy the data from the event logs for pasting and saving into standard text editors or other applications.
MIDI Setup
The VST-AU MKS-80 Editor™ is based on an entirely new framework that allows you to select the MIDI input and output ports directly from within the editor itself. This allows you to send and receive MIDI system exclusive data, a feature not found in most VST-AU hosts or our previous product offerings. You are no longer limited by host system exclusive incapabilities. MIDI ports that are already in use by the host will show as 'Not Available', so it's easy to avoid MIDI port selection mistakes and crashes. MIDI Setup also allows you to filter out specific MIDI data or toggle MIDI In and Out operations.
The Roland MKS-80™ Super Jupiter synthesizer
The Roland MKS-80 is a classic analog synth. Long gone from the assembly line, this synth is still highly revered and sought after by many professional musicians. It's no wonder with its thick sound, excellent modulation capabilities and durable construction. The MKS-80 has a sound very similar to the Jupiter 6 (even though it's modelled after the Jupiter 8), and is no doubt considered a classsic analog synth. reKon audio is proud to offer our latest technology to support this classic synth. We've made giant strides in our new software products to offer not only an editor that supports sysex MIDI data, but also include a patch librarian, patch randomizer, midi monitors, full automation support, and support for Audio Unit hosts and even offer it up as a standalone application.
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