Dirty Electronics Weekend Comes To Nottingham

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Dirty Electronics Weekend Comes To Nottingham

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Dirty Electronics  - "an approach in electronic music that is directly opposed to those found in mass-produced digital culture" - is coming to Nottingham, September 18-19th, for the Dirty Electronics Weekend

The event sounds like it will be loads of fun for open-minded musicians. Check out the schedule:

DAY 1 - Skull Etching: 

An introduction to a number of key ideas relating to dirty electronics through the making and playing DIY electronic instrument, the Skull Etching.  Combining etched artwork and electronics into a unique touch instrument to take home with you!

The electronics for the instrument utilise just one integrated circuit (IC), yet the instrument features two oscillators, distortion, feedback network, filter and interference/hum/radio.

The workshop culminates in a large group performance of pieces specially written for the Skull Etching and other dirty electronic instruments. 

DAY 2 - DIY:

The second day will explore the group invention of a kinetically powered electronic musical instrument, and how the very essence of an electronic instrument, electricity, can be used to shape and control sound. Other areas that will be explored will include ergonomics, and how shaking motions can be married to performance gesture. The visual and sculptural properties of the instrument will also be considered.

The instrument may also take on the function of a distributed network that is played by many performers. For example, the group members may be assigned specific roles, such as generators and ‘users’ of electricity, each being dependent on the other in the creation of sound and music.

A DIY Faraday kinetic generator and sound devices will be built, along with ideas for a new performance piece.

See the LAB site for details. 


James Lewin
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