New Open Source Effects Box

MICrODEC Can Do Any Effect You Can Program      24/08/10

New Open Source Effects Box

Buying Choices

The Open Music Labs MICrODEC is an ambitious new DIY project that lets you create a programmable digital effects processor. 

It comes standard with a variety of effects:

  • 700ms stereo delay
  • 6s mono delay
  • 3s stereo ping-pong delay
  • reverser with crossfade
  • reverser with fading
  • gated reverser with delay
  • up-down sweep
  • chromatic pitch shifter
  • sampler with pitch shift
  • fullwave distortion with delay and lowpass
  • 1vco/vca
  • stereo panning flanger
  • flanger
  • chorus
  • stereo tremolo
  • mono reverb

If you don't like the effects it's loaded with, though, you can come up with your own, because the design is open source. 

Here's a video introduction to the MICrODEC:

Pricing and Availability

The MICrODEC is available now as a basic kit for $129. The case and some other parts are optional. 


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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