Apple iPhone Apps Top 250,000

Over 10,000 Music Apps Now Available      28/08/10

Apple iPhone Apps Top 250,000

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There are now over a quarter of a million iPhone apps available, including over 10,000 music applications, according to iPhone developer news site 

As of Aug 28, 2010, there are 10,456 music applications available for the iPhone. That number includes Internet radio apps, music games, artist apps, virtual instruments, effects, groovebox apps, ringtone generators, guitar tuners, portable guitar tabs, social music apps, music tutorials and DAW controllers. 

These numbers are especially amazing given that the iPhone app store is barely 2 years old. Before that, most phones had one music app on them, at best. 

Android app offerings are limited, compared to the iPhone. But Android phone sales have caught up with the iPhone, and the platform is likely to have its own explosion of music apps. 

What do you think of the sudden rise of mobile music apps? Are these apps changing the way you make music?


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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