Google Reinvents The Music Video

Uses HTML5 To Create Personalized Experience      31/08/10

Google Reinvents The Music Video

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Google has partnered with indie rockers Arcade Fire to create a new project, The Wilderness Downtown, that may offer a taste of what the future holds for music videos. 

The HTML5-based multimedia project combines video with browser animation, personalized map graphics and social media. Along the way, a character from the video appears to take a stroll down the streets of your childhood, and birds fly from the music video into a birds'-eye view of your neighborhood. 

The project is processor intensive and Google recommends that you use the latest version of your browser. Even with that, it's a bit buggy. 

Nevertheless, with The Wilderness Downtown, Google and Arcade Fire have created something that lets you imagine a future where static videos are a thing of the past. 

Check it out at the link below - and let us know what you think of The Wilderness Downtown




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