GAIA SH-01 Synth Editor

Roland introduces GAIA synthesizer sound designer      01/09/10
GAIA SH-01 Synth Editor

Roland has announced the GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer, a software-based editor application for the popular GAIA SH-01 Synthesizer. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X, the GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer allows users to access the GAIA synth's entire set of sound parameters visually via a computer. Here's what Roland have to say...
The GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer is the perfect companion for all GAIA synth owners--beginners, music educators, and pros alike.

Once the GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer is installed, all that's required is a single-cable USB connection between the GAIA synth and the PC. With the GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer's interactive interface, users have complete command over sound creation. Every control for the GAIA's three synthesizer engines is represented, while the unique Waveform Display shows the shape of the currently edited waveform in a virtual oscilloscope, providing a graphical representation of the sound.
The Action List feature allows users to record and play back every step of the sound-creation process. Additionally, the GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer comes with many sample Action Lists that detail the creation of common sounds such as synth bass and synth lead. This feature helps beginners understand basic synthesis and aids music educators teaching in synthesizer labs.
The GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer also provides the perfect way for users to backup, organise, and store their custom GAIA sounds. Included with the GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer are a number of newly created patches, ready for loading into the GAIA Synthesizer.

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Juicy Audio Productions    Said... - A link to the product page.

This is a great piece of software for newbies ( there's even a virtual C.R.O. and it can record the entire process of creating a sound, which is quirky and useful) and those who need to store gazillions of presets. I personally always find it odd when gear that is festooned with lots of useful knobs and sliders has editing software for it, but horses for courses i guess.

I still cannot understand, however, why roland havent made this at least bi-timbral. It couldnt have been that much of a stretch, considering the legendary jp8000 & 8080, on which this is closely based, both were.

03-Sep-10 08:58 AM

Jesse J    Said...

Probably because of the 3 octave keyboard...

PS. You could check out the Facebook community for the GAIA for tips and tricks and videos...

03-Sep-10 01:59 PM

My Wallet    Said...

Seemingly roland has balls to try charging for their editor. must be the worst idea ever to charge $99 for an editor that gives absolute no extra value to the user.

Which is nicer, tweak all the knobs of gaia using both your hands or mouse one parameter at a time watching tiny icons on your screen? Pay $99 for using the mouse? lol. stupid idea.

Roland seems only to fail at the moment. Their support not only sucks ass, it also now cost a lot.

06-Sep-10 07:07 PM

Lettie    Said...

You are so aewsome for helping me solve this mystery.

11-Aug-11 04:18 AM

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