This Is Where Your Lottery Money Goes

Harry Dagg's Pin-Barrel Harp Is One Of A Kind      27/09/10

This Is Where Your Lottery Money Goes

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This video offers a sneak peak at Henry Dagg's Pin-Barrel Harp - a one-of-a-kind instrument that has a constroversial history.

The instrument was commissioned by the English Folk Dance And Song Society and paid for with money from the UK's Big Lottery Fund.

But, while the instrument was promised in 2006, it's just now getting completed - and is too delicate for the Dance Society's planned garden installation. 

"We commissioned three sound sculptures that could just sit in the garden and wouldn't need maintenance or explaining,"  said a spokesman for the Folk Dance Society. "That was fully understood when Mr Dagg started the project - but he went down another route."

While Dagg's Pin-Barrel Harp may be a bit of a boondoggle for the people that commissioned it - it succeeds at being a unique piece of musical sculpture. 


  • Organ-grinder: Chris Wood;
  • Arranging/programming & Musical Saw: Henry Dagg.
via Henry Dagg, The Daily Mail

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