Apogee Discontinues X-Series And Rosetta 800 Converters

Older products make way for Symphony I/O      30/09/10
Apogee Discontinues X-Series And Rosetta 800 Converters

Apogee Electronics has officially announced the end of production for its X-Series and Rosetta 800 converters. Here's their press statement...
Since their release in 2003, the X-Series and Rosetta 800 converters have set the industry standards for high-end, professional audio conversion quality and have further established Apogee as an industry leader in digital audio conversion. While production will continue on Rosetta 200 and all X-cards, the torch will be passed to Apogee's new flagship interface, Symphony I/O, as the historic X-series and Rosetta 800 converters step down from their notable place in Apogee's 25-year history. Full customer support service for the X-Series and Rosetta 800 converters will continue as usual.
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