Numark Release iDJ3

Software controller and audio interface with dock for iPod and iPhone      04/10/10
Numark Release iDJ3

Numark has announced iDJ3, their new DJ software controller and USB computer audio interface.
Chris Roman, Numark's product development manager, told us, "iDJ3 offers unparalleled function and ease for the aspiring DJ looking for a complete, compact controller solution."
Here's all the details in Numark's own words...
iDJ3 is a complete DJ system capable of mixing music from a Mac or PC. The system can also playback music from an iPod or iPhone, as well as record music mixes directly to iPod or iPhone. iDJ3's classic two-turntables-and-a-mixer setup allows DJs of all levels to scratch, mix, loop and add effects to music stored on their computer.
iDJ3 has two decks, each with a large, touch-sensitive turntable for accurate scratching, beat-juggling and locating precise points within tracks. It's just like working with a record. In addition to the two decks, iDJ3 has an easy to use audio mixer so veteran DJs and beginners alike will be able to step right up and get the party going. If DJing for the first time, iDJ3 is a great place to start - the skills learned will easily transfer to any other DJ system.
iDJ3 also has a high-quality audio interface built in, allowing for superior audio performance. Whether connected to a computer, sound system, recording equipment, headphones, or using the microphone jack, iDJ3 has all the inputs and outputs needed to rock a serious set.
iDJ3 comes with the powerful Virtual DJ software which integrates seamlessly with the iTunes library on a Mac or PC, making it easy to create professional sounding DJ mixes from any music already in the DJ's library.
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CD    Said...

Already send 3 mails to their customer support, no answer. By the way, their controllers are crap if you want to use it on stage!

04-Oct-10 10:42 AM

Argon    Said...

They are not only crap on stage, they suck also in the living room:-)

04-Oct-10 04:53 PM

Nick B    Said...

Cant say anything about the quality, as I've not tried one, however the iDJ moniker is a little misleading as the iDJ 2 allowed you to DJ from your iPod or iPhone, this just adds the iPod device as an extra aux audio source, though you can control the track selection etc.

05-Oct-10 07:04 AM

Danny B    Said...

Everything is misleading with Numark, they forget on purpose to add the right information. No response from their customer support whatsoever. Really a company to avoid!

06-Oct-10 06:32 AM

Nick B    Said...

What is the information missing on this perhaps we can clarify?

Not sure Customer Support is the right place to try for unreleased products

06-Oct-10 07:33 AM

upset    Said...

my idj3 worked when i brought and what really sucks it froze the second time i went to useit. i contact customer service no respond as yet; it really a waste.

14-Oct-10 09:21 PM

Agrum    Said...

Numark is always been a waste of time!

05-Nov-10 10:53 AM

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