Name That Mic Poll Opens

Help Telefunken mane their new tube mic      15/10/10
Name That Mic Poll Opens

A few weeks ago we brought you news of the competition to name Telefunken's new mic. A shortlist of names has been chosen and now you get the chance to vote for one online. Here's all the details in Telefunken's own words...
Starting last month, TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik fans were encouraged to submit suggested names for our new cardioid only R-F-T tube microphone that is on track for its scheduled release at AES – San Francisco this November. The response was overwhelming, with thousands of individual suggestions coming from across the globe. We had submissions from dozens of countries, including Morocco, Greenland, New Zealand, Denmark, and Thailand.
The team at TELEFUNKEN has painstakingly sorted through these submissions and has now chosen their favorite names for the recording industry to vote on. Here is your chance to help name the new microphone.
Below is a list of names in alpha-numeric order that we have chosen as the best suited for the new R-F-T microphone. Please take a moment to review them and place your vote. You will only be allowed one vote, so make it count! Voting closes at 6p EDT October 21st, the winner will be announced on Friday, October 22nd @ 12 Noon PDT.
  • AF-29
  • CU-29
  • EP-1C
  • M1C
  • M29
  • M1 Grand
  • MP-5
  • U-21
  • V1C
About the new mic
TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik™ needs a name for its newest large diaphragm condenser microphone, which will be introduced at AES 2010 in San Francisco. In development for 18 months, the latest mic in the company's acclaimed R-F-T line was designed by TELEFUNKEN's in-house engineering team, with outside consultation from some of the world's top amplifier designers. The microphone will be based around a unique circuit that features a NOS (New Old Stock) TELEFUNKEN vacuum tube, custom audio transformer and a fixed cardioid large diaphragm capsule. Sonically, the microphone carries similar characteristics found in its R-F-T line counter parts, the AR-51 and the AK-47 MkII.
Featuring a custom antique copper finish, the new microphone has a silky, open top end, smooth midrange, and a detailed low end. The amplifier design and frequency response are tailored for vocals, however the microphone works exceptionally well on many signal sources including acoustic guitars, amps and percussion.
The street price of the new R-F-T mic will be $1295 (1000€), making it the first large diaphragm tube microphone offered from TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik™ to break below the $1500 price range. Each microphone system comes complete with power supply, 20' mic-to-power supply cable, shockmount and wooden box. New custom flight cases are available for an additional $99.
More information:

Even more news...

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Brennan J. Faulkner AKA GiftedOne of E.S.A.    Said...

I'm one of the 10 finalists in this contest. Anyone who sees this post should vote for CU-29. I based the name of the Mic off of the actual science table for Copper which is actually....CU-29"

15-Oct-10 07:17 AM

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