impOSCar Save 60 Euros - Discount On imp2 Too

Get in early and upgrade cheap - coupon code      07/11/10

Buy original impOSCar at €39 - a saving of €60 (around $85) between the dates of 7th and 21st November 2010 and when the much awaited impOSCar 2 is released, you save an additional €29 ($40 ish) on the web price.

The good folks at GForce Software, who it cant have escaped some folks attention have, ahem, "been a little behind schedule" with the impOSCar 2, say they are doing this:  

(a) make them (the users) happy, and (b) as a way of saying "sorry for our lateness".

We've been given a special coupon code to dish out, you can take advantage of this by following the instructions below: 


  1. If you dont already have one, create a GFORCE account
  2. When you've received your log in and go to the shop and buy impOSCar
  3. When it comes to checkout, type (or copy) THE_SONIC_IMP_DISCOUNT, in the coupon code field and your special discounted price will appear.
  4. Complete the process and then link to My Instruments and download impOSCar.

GForce has also told us that owners of the original impOSCar, will also be offered a special discount when the time comes.

The impOSCar 2 is being controlled in this video by the beautiful, one-off, custom controller GForce had made by the brilliant (note the obscure Human League "Being Boiled" b-line at the end)





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Koshdukai    Said...

Finally bought it! :) about impulse buying mixed with a long time interest on this "little" piece of interesting software art.

08-Nov-10 06:07 AM

CR78    Said...

Dave and Chris, thanks for always taking care of your loyal users.

08-Nov-10 09:55 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Brilliant deal for a superb synth and its even more superb-y follow up! The ImpOSCar was one of the first 'big' VSTi's I got and I still use it regularly. An amazing range of sounds.

09-Nov-10 05:42 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

btw... (I know this isn't really the place, but) anyone having trouble of impOSCar freezing when receiving MIDI Program Change messages ?

A quick Google search and I've found others have the same issue:

Tried the GForce FAQs and there's no mention on this, so... guess I'll better file a report on it and wait :)

10-Nov-10 08:53 PM

Koshdukai    Said...

Just as a follow up (if anyone's interested at all), using impOSCar through MIDI Yoke+MIDI-OX avoids this issue... dunno why yet -.-'

11-Nov-10 06:48 PM

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