Rebirth For iPad

Propellerhead's Techno Micro Composer is reborn again, as a dedicated iPad app      10/11/10
News just in from Propellerhead. Here's the press release...
More tactile than the originals it emulates, and even easier to use, ReBirth has just been released by Propellerhead for the Apple iPad. Propellerhead ReBirth for iPad fuses great sounding music machines with a can't-miss, hands-on interface for the ideal music creation system ready for the couch, bus, club or Internet post.
ReBirth literally puts faithful emulations of dance music's vintage analog hardware at iPad users' fingertips: the Roland TB-303 Bass synth and the TR-808 & TR-909 drum machines. Simple step sequencers based on the original hardware assure that anyone stays on the beat. iPad multi-touch support provides an easier and more functional experience than on the originals. Great sound effects with an interface that encourages experimentation will have users instantly creating hit-worthy Techno, House and Hip-Hop beats. And, because music is a social activity, Rebirth offers simple one-click posting of tracks to Facebook and collaborating with other ReBirth users.
ReBirth, the music software application that started a sea change in the 90's with soft-synths, now has found its perfect platform. "The iPad really gives us the platform we always dreamed of when we conceived Rebirth nearly fifteen years ago," says Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO of Propellerhead Software. "Now, truly anyone can sound like a dance music hero and have a great time doing it."
Rebirth for iPad's main features:
  • Two classic drum machines -- Roland TR-808 and TR-909 emulations
  • Two analog bass synthesizers -- Roland TB-303 emulations
  • Straightforward, simple step sequencers and pattern-based song mode insure tight beats with no quirky touch screen anomalies
  • Great sounding effects and audio shapers
  • Direct sharing function to Facebook, social networks and other ReBirth users
Rebirth has been developed in conjunction with The Retronyms, a San Francisco software developer.
About the original ReBirth RB-338
With the release ReBirth RB-338 in 1997 Propellerhead pioneered a new era of music making by realistically emulating historic hardware synthesizers and drum machines in software on personal computers. For the first time, users could get the actual sound of those vintage analog devices without hunting down, paying exorbitant prices for and having the headaches of maintaining classic gear. Led by Propellerhead Software, this "virtual instrument" concept, seemingly impossible at the time, started a trend to the point that it now is commonplace in music software. More info can be found here.
Pricing and Availability:
ReBirth for iPad is available immediately through Apple's iTunes App Store at a price of EUR €11.99 / USD $14.99.
More information:


Even more news...

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mibo    Said...

No upgrade for iPod Touch users 8-(

10-Nov-10 09:00 AM

Dolphono    Said...

Peff is THE MAN. I never understood the 303 in Rebirth, now I do thanks to this and it not even a

10-Nov-10 11:34 AM

Awesome    Said...

@ Dolphono

Yeah i was just thinking the same thing!

Nice touch with the notation graphics too to make things clearer.

10-Nov-10 05:29 PM

mike    Said...

Why is there no audio export of use on this program? Or integration with reason or record?


10-Nov-10 05:41 PM

meetoo    Said...

Anybody out there wishing there would be iReason for iPad...

11-Nov-10 02:58 AM

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