Native Instruments Maschine 1.6

Adds Plug-in Hosting      13/11/10
Native Instruments Maschine 1.6

Native Instruments has announced, via its forums, that it is adding plugin hosting to Maschine in version 1.6:

The upcoming 1.6 version will allow you to use VST and AU plugins as sound sources and effects in your Maschine project. This includes both the whole NI range of instruments and effects as well as any third-party plugin.

Check the screenshot for an idea of how this will look like. Instrument plugins can be used in any sound channel, and effect plugins can be inserted on both the sound and group channels as well as on the master.

Obviously the addition of plugin hosting requires quite a bit of development and testing. Regarding the timing of the release - version 1.6 is about to go into internal beta testing this month, and we are currently planning to make it available to you through a public beta test in January, with the final release probably coming up around two months later. As always, these are projected dates that can still change a bit.

Plugin hosting is the most prominent feature addition in 1.6, but there will be quite some more useful things being added with that update. Look forward to the coming weeks when we will post more details about Maschine 1.6!


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justin    Said...


13-Nov-10 05:12 PM

Dr. Beakman    Said... my pants

13-Nov-10 06:11 PM

DBM    Said...

Nice a stand alone environment in the reason ish realm . Might have to had it to the list of things I want . Damn

13-Nov-10 06:12 PM

Dom    Said...

I was just about to sell my maschine... not anymore. THANX NI!!!!!

15-Nov-10 01:59 PM

DC    Said...

An already awesome product just got a hell of a lot better.

I cant wait to start sequencing uhe Ace and Zebra in maschine. Its going to be storming for live use :)

17-Nov-10 05:11 AM

Knocks    Said...

this is the low down on 1.6. say you have a softsynth like Sylenth1 for example. You cannot browse the hundreds of presets from the maschine hardware without making all the presets into "modules" first. ONE BY ONE! What a waist of time. Just like the useless tagging system.

29-Jan-11 05:11 PM

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