Sonic Timeworks Are Back

Equalizer V1 plug-in released for Mac OSX and Windows      01/12/10

Sonic Timeworks Are Back

After a period of low activity,Sonic Timeworks have announced that they are back, launching a range of classic products on a broad range of platforms. Here's what they have to say in their own words...
For the first time OSX users can now enjoy the combination of warm sound and no-nonsense GUI, which made Sonic Timeworks a much beloved brand in the early days of software audio plug-ins.
The Sonic Timeworks Equalizer V1 is, with its exceptional "analogue-ish" sound and its well laid out graphical interface, a true classic.Now you can experience it on modern systems, with full support for VST and AU, on both Windows and OSX (32-bit and 64-bit).
This equalizer comes packed with features, and more importantly, it sounds AWESOME. High cut and Low cut filters, High and Low Shelf filters, up to 6 bands of Bell filters (all with completely sweep-able filter points and adjustable Q sizes). 2 world class EQ algorithms to choose from (good luck!). 30 band spectrum analyzer 'on board', along with an intuitive 'dual surface' graphical interface...
  • 2 algorithms (Clean & Vintage) for unmatched versatility. Get the EQ sound you want.
  • True stereo 64 bit internal precision.
  • 30 Band frequency analyzer 'built in'
  • Standard and Graphic editing modes...
  • Real-time previews (dependent of the hosting application)
  • Fast and reliable
  • High Cut and Low Cut filters with resonant filter controls.
  • Low shelf and High shelf filters
  • Completely sweep-able filter points with adjustable Q (bandwidth) controls...
  • Complete with led style meter
  • Ultra-Precise fader control while holding down the Shift button
  • Supports sample rates over 192kHz
  • Compatible with all applications which support VST or AU plug-ins
Pricing and Availability:
Limited time reduced $99 USD offer until January 15th.
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