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The Making of Ultimate Fire Sound Effects Library      20/12/10

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Sound designer Frank Bry created this film to show how he went about creating his latest sound effects library, Ultimate Fire Sound Effects

Bry explains:

The video contains footage of my fire recording sessions from early to late 2010. I am also showing for the first time the “Spanky Cam.” It’s my iPhone held in my hand as I try to melt bottles of flammable liquid.

I also include new footage not seen in the teaser or trailer. As you watch you can follow along with the on screen captions giving you all the play-by-play action as it happens.

While it's a promo video, it manages to be both informative and entertaining - especially when Bry is pouring explosive fuels on a bonfire to get those Ultimate Fire Sounds

via Designing Sound

James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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