Free Sample Pack Features 'Abused' Synthesizer

DNR Collaborative Intros Mono Destroyers      03/01/11

Free Sample Pack Features 'Abused' Synthesizer

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DNR Collaborative has released a free synth sample pack that features sounds from an 'abused' Bugbrand DIY synthesizer.

"We’ve soldered small posts onto the synth board specifically so that we could bend the sound just a wee bit more," explains DNR. 

The sounds in this package were created by 'abusing this custom synth and making it plead for mercy," they add.

The samples in this package are organized into two specific categories:

  • Long – These clips are typically meant to timestretch, pitch-shift and mutilate in a variety of fashions. Elongating these samples typically produces odd, spacey sound textures and beds.
  • Short – These shorter clips are meant as a means of getting useful, usable tones from the recordings.

Samples are in .wav format. 


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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