Free Synplant Sounds For Reason

Soundcells release Greenhouse - the Synplant ReFill      06/01/11
Free Synplant Sounds For Reason

Soundcells have released Greenhouse - the Synplant ReFill. Here's what they have to say about it...
Greenhouse is a small but awesome ReFill which is based on samples coming from the very popular and famous Synplant software synthesizer - probably one of the most innovative plugins of recent years.
35 combinator patches provide an insight into the great and highly characterful sound capabilities Synplant has to offer: Greenhouse patches sound deep and murky - sometimes wishful and dreamy - but overall atmospheric and full of Synplant character...
In addition, some "One-Shot-FX" kits are included to let you produce glitchy electro beats. The 24 bit samples were recorded thru an analog mixing console to bring the "real world" flavour into the digital world - ready-to-use within this ReFill...
Greenhouse Contents:
  • 35 combinator patches full of Synplant character.
  • Deep, murky, evil but also wishful and dreamy are the main keywords.
  • 39 NNXT patches containing the basic sounds which were used for the combinators.
  • 190 Synplant samples, 158 MB uncompressed.
Pricing and Availability:
Free download More information:


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Brian from USA    Said...

Can't really see the purpose of this. Without the Synplant interface to manipulate them, the sounds themselves are nothing special. OK, much respect because it's free ;)

06-Jan-11 07:59 AM

Stockwell    Said...

I strongly . . . nay . . . vehemently disagree, my American friend. I've d/led the Refill, checked it out a bit, and I deem the patches in it to be most excellent.

Also, Synplant's a VST, and Reason is allergic to VSTs. So this is the easiest way for Reason users to get all "Synplanty" with it.

06-Jan-11 11:14 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

Under the UI the synth itself is nothing special. The most important thing about Synplant IS the UI...not only when programming new sounds but also in performance. I'm sure the refill has good patches, enjoy it!

06-Jan-11 03:30 PM

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