WNAMM11: Kronos Launch Event Video

Its long, but you will get the full skinny      14/01/11

Its one of the most popular items from this years NAMM show and we went to the launch event and saw what its all about - and enjoyed some tasty snacks too.


This is a long form video of thew Kronos launch with lots of playing, but overall you cant argue with the features on display, and the sound of it is really quite impressive.





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al_bot    Said...

Needs more cowbell.

Pretty cool! I hope they build a rack version.

15-Jan-11 01:42 AM

al_bot    Said...

i think korg forgot the kitchen sink....

15-Jan-11 01:57 AM

Phil    Said...

I'm dying to hear a comparison of their STR-1 engine with AAS's string studio.

15-Jan-11 02:09 AM

James Asher    Said...

Good to see a full presentation on the web with good audio quality. The quality of sound and especially reverb in Kronos sounds excellent. Hard to argue with unlooped piano samples!

15-Jan-11 04:19 AM

rezazel    Said...

Hmmm, I think the Kronos is cool on stage, but in the studio I'll stick with my VSTs and analog synths :-). BTW, why isn't the M1, Wavestation and Mono/Poly VST included in the Kronos? And the original MOSS synthesis engine with reed and bowed-string physical models would have been nice as well... maybe next time.

15-Jan-11 04:58 AM

L56    Said...

wave sequencing is available in the kronos as part of the hd 1 engine. If you listen to the demo's of Jack "The Face" (simply brilliant to watch) you can hear it. also.

But... demo's need less Rudess. He's to omnipresent on the web. Let's trade hime for more cowbell...

15-Jan-11 05:50 AM

Schroeder    Said...

Grand illusions...for better or worse. Still hope that most musicians, will be true to their hearts, when performing their art. Choose the real instruments! Chances are, that we won't be that amazed - but moved deeper! Congrats anyway, to Korg for some fine, new, sound technology.

15-Jan-11 05:56 AM

loneraver    Said...

In past NAMMs you used to hear about how Hans Zimmer ordered one. Now it's all about jordan rudess who seems to be promoting everything.

15-Jan-11 01:16 PM

Kerzwhile    Said...

Its scary the Karma Technology is the weakest element in this instrument! Listen to it choking on time in Jordans one piece! My Oasys does the same. Actually to the point where its unusable in anything but ideas, but I guess thats the point of Karma.. at least for me!! Korg Does it again!! Now, Lets get these things Shipped!! :)

23-Jan-11 12:07 PM

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